Our Beef

Exceptional prime farm-to-table beef for those with gourmet taste.

Our Beef

Prime+ Farm-to-Table Wagyu Beef

Availability and Price List (May 2020)

New York Strip (~14 oz.)

Aged for extra flavor, this classic cut is always a crowd pleaser.


Filet (6 oz.)

Cut directly from the tenderloin – an apex cut of Wagyu


Ribeye (~14 oz.)

Cut from the center of the prime rib


Flatiron Steak (~48 oz.)

Grill and cut this into slices and serve


Top Sirloin

Wagyu sirloin is different and better – try it!


Bone-in Prime Rib (3 bone)

An apex cut of beef. Cook rotisserie or in the oven then slice into tomahawk ribeyes and sear. You can serve a crowd!


Tri-Tip Roast (~3 lbs.)

Cut from the bottom of the sirloin. You can roast it or grill it. Lots of options here and full of flavor.


Skirt Steak (~1 lb.)

Cut next to the flank steak, but thinner and more tender


Full Brisket

Smoke for several hours for the most tender and moist brisket you’ve ever tried


Denver Cut (~14 oz.)

The Denver cut is separated from the chuck. Sear this in a pan or grill and slice across the grain. Tender and flavorful.


Teres Major

Teres major is like a tenderloin. Sear this in a pan or a grill to med. rare/medium and slice across the grain


Chuck Eye Steak

Also known as the “poor man’s ribeye”…but there’s nothing poor about our Wagyu chuck-eye. Cook like a ribeye.


Rump Roast (~3 lbs.)

The most tender roast you’ve tasted. Don’t overcook it and you’ll love it in a variety of dishes


Ground Beef (2 lb.)

If you want to make a better burger, start with better beef


Tenderized Round Steak
(4 per pkg.)

Take chicken fried steak to the next level


Soup Bones

Give your beef broth its best flavor ever!



Use for broth or try the marrow…it will surprise you!


Wagyu Beef Fat (~10 lbs.)

Not what you may think….this is a delicacy chefs use to enrich dishes. Use on roasted potatoes and vegetables. You can also use in place of butter when basting steaks in a skillet.


Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo or check. Free delivery in Highland Park/University Park. We will contact you for payment.

Our Goal
at Graft Farms

While our herd is now 100% Angus, we recognize consumers’ desire for beef with Wagyu influence.  We have experimented with farm-to-table production in the past.  Beginning in 2024, we intend to breed some of our Angus cows with superior carcass traits to Wagyu bulls. 

Our goal is a terminal cross that we will feed out and sell directly to consumers beginning in 2025.  Our plan is to sell sides of beef (rather than individual cuts) to customers on our mailing list.  We will be controlling for the absolute highest quality beef we can produce. 

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